Quick facts:

  • Got married September 13th (Friday the 13th Scary!)
  • Love reading. (How to win Friends and Influence People is my favorite.)
  • Have a white and gray cat named Ivy.
  • Never been out of the United States.
  • Volunteer at our local church in the 4-year-old class.

I love…

  • I love my wife Meagan, who teaches special education. 
  • I love the mountains especially in the fall and spring.
  • I love Mexican food of any sort.
  • I love speaking in front of people (I know, I’m weird).
  • I love helping grow your business!

I DON’T love….

  • I don’t love too much caffeine (a cup of coffee? Sure! Too much isn’t good for me though)
  • I don’t love raisins (I’ll eat almonds all day though!) 
  • I don’t love dirty dishes in the sink (I think I just like things organized)
  • I don’t love rap music (country’s more my thing) 
  • I don’t love spiders (if they’re bigger than a quarter, I’m running away)  

I’ve had 5+ years of experience working with trusted brands. Working at agencies taught me how to juggle multiple projects without dropping the ball on any of them. Sure, things got hectic at times, but it takes focus and discipline to get it done. 

Content for your email campaigns, website, and other marketing pieces is a great way to keep a loyal audience. Social media is used to keep your audience interested and active. Media relations is how you get the word out and build a reputation.