About Seth Kingdon, Freelance Digital Marketer

Seth is a digital marketer with over 7 years of experience in the field. He got his start by working at a PR firm in Charlotte and then transitioned to Chick-fil-A learning leadership values and team skills.

After meeting his lovely wife, he moved to the mountains and worked for a website/internet firm managing content and SEO for clients.

He currently works at a large church in Boone managing all communication operations for its constituents.

Read more about Seth’s professional experience by viewing his resume below.

The Clients I Work With

I work closely with your business goals to achieve the following:

  1. Increased website traffic: My expertise in SEO and digital marketing will help drive more relevant traffic to your website, leading to higher engagement and conversions.
  2. Improved search engine rankings: By utilizing on-page SEO, I can optimize your website to rank higher in search engine results, making it easier for your target audience to find you online.
  3. Better online presence: I will work with you to create a comprehensive online presence that reflects your brand and speaks directly to your target audience, helping you stand out from the competition.
  4. Conversion-ready content: I will craft compelling, engaging content that not only informs your audience but also drives them to take action, whether that be making a purchase, signing up for your email list, or contacting you directly.
  5. Measurable results: I use Google Analytics and other tools to measure the success of our efforts and provide you with regular reports so that you can see the impact of our work.

Let’s Connect:

On a call we will:

  • Chat about your business and goals
  • Discuss what you think needs to be done to see improvement
  • Explore SEO opportunities
  • End with a clearly outlined path to success

Quick Facts About Seth:

  • Got married on September 13th (and a full moon!)
  • Love reading. (How to win Friends and Influence People is my favorite.)
  • Have a white and gray cat named Ivy.
  • Never been out of the United States.

I love…

  • I love my wife Meagan, who is a former special education teacher and mother to our daughter (another on the way!). 
  • I love the mountains especially in the fall and spring.
  • I love Mexican food of any sort.
  • I love speaking in front of people.

I DON’T love….

  • I don’t love too much caffeine (a cup of coffee? Sure! Too much isn’t good for me though)
  • I don’t love raisins (I’ll eat almonds all day though!) 
  • I don’t love dirty dishes in the sink (I think I just like things organized)
  • I don’t love spiders (if they’re bigger than a quarter, I’m running away)  

Seth Kingdon’s Online Resumé

I have 7+ years of experience working with trusted brands. Working at agencies taught me how to juggle multiple projects without dropping the ball on any of them. Sure, things got hectic at times, but it takes focus and discipline to get it done. 

Summary: Dedicated, data-driven, communicative, and organized. A professional with 7+ years of experience in digital marketing, writing, analytics, social media, and communication.



  • Partnering with firms and agencies producing content for websites and social media.
  • Documenting and reporting on SEO findings and tweaking for the highest impact.
  • Consulting to increase traffic and entice qualified leads.

Alliance Bible Fellowship, communications manager

(Full-time) Jan. ‘21 – present 

  • Oversee all aspects of internal and external communication in content, social media, email, website, & Google
  • Send a weekly newsletter to 1300+ recipients (grew by 300+ since starting role)
  • Plan and post all written content with photos, videos, or designs for 4,000+ audience on social media
  • Lead 10+ volunteers for photo & video shoots, writing, and design

Appnet New Media Studios, SEO and Content Manager

(Contract) Sep. ’19 – Dec. ’20 

  • Draft, edit, and send marketing research and data reports to stakeholders 
  • Monitor Paid Per Click campaigns for maximum conversion and Goal completion
  • Track success using Google Analytics — creating, tracking, and reaching goals 
  • Write blog and page content for websites — seen as much as 7.9K impressions and 90 clicks on one article
  • Optimize SEO for websites – Title and meta tags; strong H1, H2, and H3 titles; and innerlinking

98 Buck Social, Social Media Manager

(Contract) Feb. ’20 – Apr. ’20 

  • Wrote for 40+ clients — a post each — every day on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Generated relevant content, found links, and searched for applicable royalty-free images for posts
  • Wrote for a diverse client base ranging from law firms, real estate, car industries, food, and consumer products

Chick-fil-A, Director

(Full time) Jun. ’17 – Sep. ’19 

  • Worked with a team of 50+ with a consistent 15-25% sales increase since January 2018 
  • Created content for Facebook and Instagram pages 
  • Facilitated 6 Recruitment Days with signs, handouts, and social media – garnered 75+ applications 
  • Became a certified trainer by Chick-fil-A Inc. at a 7-day event to travel to grand openings to teach proper procedures
  • Traveled to 6 grand openings: New York City, Oklahoma, and North Carolina

Public Relations Society of America, Director at-Large

(Volunteer) Jan. ’17 – Dec. ’18 

  • Leader of the New Professionals section; led a committee of 7 who planned events throughout the year 
  • Assisted with overall planning at monthly meetings and delegation of chapter initiatives to New Pros committee
  • Wrote for PRSA Charlotte’s monthly newsletter highlighting New Pros initiatives and successes
  • Managed and wrote content for chapter’s Facebook and Twitter accounts 

Chernoff Newman, Account Coordinator

(Full time) Dec. ’15 – Jun. ’17 

  • Facilitated design, timeline, and execution of mailing for communication campaign 
  • Handled media and journalist list building, writing in AP Style, pitching, and tracking using Cision for multiple clients
  • Managed and wrote content for 15 social media channels 
  • Coordinated 8 on-site media events for clients 
  • Compiled and sent daily media clip reports about Walmart in South Carolina to corporate executives  

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), president

(Volunteer) Apr. ’14 – Apr. ’15

  • Directed overall operations of chapter (social media, newsletter, conference trips, guest speakers, etc.) 
  • Motivated and effectively delegated tasks and duties to 5 on the Executive Board 
  • Co-managed a $3,000 budget with treasurer 

Current and Former Related Activities

  • Alliance Bible Fellowship volunteer: serve the 4-year-old class and attend a weekly small group
  • The Honor Roll: Etsy shop handing customer questions, inventory, shipping, listing updates & social media 
  • Spark Strategic Ideas public relations intern: researched, created media lists and wrote and press releases 
  • Make-a-Wish (Central & Western NC) intern: authored wish stories, wrote social media and press releases 


  • Advanced Google Analytics 
  • Google Tag Manager Fundamentals
  • Google My Business Basics


  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte (May 2015) 
  • B.A. in Communication Studies; focus in Public Relations & Journalism minor 
  • UNC Charlotte is Certified in Education for Public Relations (CEPR) by PRSA; 1 of 37 schools in the world