Freelancer Blog Swap: Gain Impressions Beyond Your Audience


Let’s swap blog articles to get in front of each other’s audience.

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Why I’m asking you to do a blog swap:

I think the best way to spread the word about great service is through word of mouth. Sharing eachother’s blog articles in our circles is an easy, free way for us to get more impressions, engagements, and conversions.

Quick facts about Seth:

  • receives 600+ pageviews from 400+ visitors a month.
  • I’m a part-time, US-based freelancer with 7+ years experience in digital marketing, content, and SEO.
  • My blog focuses on digital marketing, content/copy writing, SEO, Google My Business, Google Analytics and more on my blog.
  • My goals are to land higher-paying clients, increase email newsletter signups, and to sell SEO audits (

A few beginning stipulations:

  • Have a blog section on your website (with at least one blog article already published).
  • Be willing to have an article ready for publishing in 10 business days.

What will be written:

I have experience in website UX, content, SEO, and Google products (GMB and analytics). I can write about anything, but this is where I have the most experience. We’ll work together to establish an article title that blends our experiences together. This way, it’s intriguing for both our audiences.

How I will share your article with my audience:

  • A link to your article in my newsletter to 150+ (and growing!). It has an open rate of 55%+.
  • An Instagram post referencing your article (85+ followers).
  • An Instagram Story linking to your article.
  • A LinkedIn post linking to your article.
  • A Facebook post linking to your article.
  • A Twitter post linking to your article.
  • Your article living on my blog for future reference for visitors.

In addition, I will also link to my article on your site to all the same above platforms, thus potentially doubling impressions for you and your brand.

A kind ask of you:

Similarly to the above, I kindly ask that you link to my article in a similar fashion — linking from email marketing, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc… depending on the established channels you have, of course.

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