7 Reasons Why You Should Care About SEO for Your Website

Moreso than most digital opportunities, Search Engine Optimization keeps on givin’ for years to come — many months or years after it’s been implemented. SEO is essential for all websites because it can increase visitors and, ultimately, conversions.

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Now, here are the reasons:

1. SEO Can Increase Income

The point of a website is to generate income, either directly or indirectly. Enhanced SEO can generate a strong ROI because it generates new users coming to your site.

If your website is clear about what a user should do when navigating your website (ie how to buy), then it’s a natural occurrence for them to purchase. Better SEO = More sales.

117 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

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2. SEO Can Generate Leads

If your website isn’t a store directly making sales, then it’s wise to have a place for users to become leads from signups or form fills.

You can sell to these leads later with a product or service.

Offer them a form to learn more now or to schedule a time to talk later.

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3. SEO Can Increase Conversions

A conversion is a desired outcome you want a user to take on your website. This could be a form fill, a schedule, a click, or simply time on page.

It’s best to clarify a conversion as something a user gives you; like an email address.

Offer them a freebie in exchange for their email. Email marketing is great because it keeps a user around to learn more about your brand and services.

4. SEO Can Make Your Brand More Competitive

Higher rankings on Google means your brand is more competitive among other businesses.

Most users only stay on the first page of results.

You’ll want to establish your website as an asset among competing results.

If you’re SEO is optimized, you’ll soon take over other page.

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5. SEO Can Enhance Brand Visibility

Similar to the above point, enhanced SEO can give you an edge in a competitive market.

Further, it can bring visibility to your brand that would not have been noticed otherwise.

Bettering SEO is a great way to get your name in front of users for the first time.

35 Unique Ways to Land Clients as a Freelancer (Not Upwork!)

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6. SEO Can Help You Become A Reputable Source

When visitors come to your website, they’re seeking an answer to their problem. If your website answers that question, you’ve become a reputable source for information.

This accounts for anything:

  • A local business
  • An online shop
  • A directory
  • An online community

If your website answers a question, they’ll remember your brand the next time they visit it.

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7. SEO Can Help You Become a Thought-Leader

Blogs and articles on your website position you as a thought leader in the industry.

If you follow Google’s E-E-A-T acronym, you’re soon to garner website visits.


Do you have experience in the subject you’re writing about?


Do you have knowledge about the subject you’re writing about?


Do you have authority in the field in which you’re writing about?


Are you a valued source in the field in which you’re writing?

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