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Social media gets your message out for free.

Businesses should leverage the power of social media to maintain loyal customers.

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Writing for social media channels

You may have heard that “content is king,” I couldn’t agree more.

Content is the life-blood of who you are as a business. Your keywords pump to all areas of your organization, including social media. Here’s what you need to know about each:


This is where your customers reside. According to a study, Facebook adds 6 new profiles every second. 68% of US adults use Facebook. 51% of them use it several times a day.

Your current and prospective customers use social media to look you up. Having content on Facebook shows you are active in the community.


Instagram is more than images, it’s vision casting and a product gallery. It tells the story of who you are as people and a business.

According to a study, 37% of US adults use Instagram and the United States has the most number of Instagram users.

Tell the story of your employees, highlight products or services, give updates, or ask trivia questions.


Go ahead, toot your horn. This is where you showcase your professionalism as an organization. Talk about your successes, brag on others, and give encouragement.

Professionals love reading productive “tips” or helpful “how-tos” on LinkedIn. Write these articles on your blog and share on social media.


Although Twitter is no longer a highly used platform, it’s still an important one. Many people receive their news from this source, so keep your customers informed through this means.

Photos for social media channels

A photo should always be shared with a post. Not only does it catch the attention of a user, but it can also visually show what you are saying. Words are helpful, but images tell a story a thousandfold.

Links for social media channels

If you regularly upload content to your blog and share it on your social media channels, you’re increasing SEO rankings. Pull a quote from the article and and copy it and a link to a post with an image. That’s the making of an easy post.

If you’re not writing content on your own blog, then at least share content from other websites to boost your reputation among your audience.

Hashtags for social media channels

Hashtags (or “#”) connects your post to other posts on social media. Include these to denote what your post is about and to link to other content on social media.

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