Freelancing in College: Your Guide to Your First Paid Invoice

Listen to this article: We all want to make a little cash on the side. More so college students. What would $100 extra do for you? Maybe splurging on high-end groceries? Give you a night out? A start to a weekend trip? Too often our cashflow isn’t where we want it to be. Unexpected expensesContinue reading “Freelancing in College: Your Guide to Your First Paid Invoice”

15 Basic Sure-Fire Tips for Beginner Freelancers

Listen to the article: Hey freelancer! Maybe you’re just starting out doing side work, or you’re considering taking the plunge. Either way, this article will guide you through the beginning stages of freelancing.  Hey, I’m Seth. I’m a freelancer with 7+ years of experience in digital marketing. I help you earn more and work less. CheckContinue reading “15 Basic Sure-Fire Tips for Beginner Freelancers”