5 ways to handle social media in 2019

You have too much to juggle as a business owner: employees, payroll, schedule, taxes, reviews, emails, and so on … Social media doesn’t have to be something you worry about because I can do it for you. But if you do want to draft, schedule, post, and track your social media channels, these are ways to handle social media in 2019:

Schedule time to sit and brainstorm content

There are times when you can snap a picture and post in the moment. Or take a quick video for Instagram stories. But overall, most content will need to be thought of before-hand. In this time when people want answers, you can post or share material that helps answer questions. “The 11 best ways to… or “How to…” or even “The best…” are all good sharable content ideas.

Schedule your content

This is an important step in sharing content. While you wait for the in-between of fun and exciting content to happen, your channels can be posting for you. Once it’s all scheduled out, you can simply let it go on its own! (Instagram content cannot be scheduled at this time).

Let someone do it for you

If posting to channels isn’t your forte, then hire someone to do it for you. Many freelancers don’t charge a lot to simply send content. That gives you something to work from when you go to write content. If you need someone to completely handle your accounts, know that it may take a few hours to create, post, handle inquires, and put together analytics. You won’t have to lift a finger if this is the way you want to go! Contact me if you want me to start sending you content or handling your pages.

Use tools to manage your pages

For Facebook, your best bet is to use the platform given on Facebook.com. There are, however, a few platforms to use. A few of my favorites are Hootsuite.com and Buffer.com. You can use these for Facebook and Twitter. You can also use them for Instagram, but only as reminders, not actual posts. Tweetdeck.com is another good one for Twitter. I use this one to track lists, mentions, and trends.

Track your success

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have analytics on their main platform you can use to track success. The most important thing to watch for are engagement, reach, and page likes.

  • Engagement: This metric tells you if people are liking and commenting on your content. It’s helpful to know if your material is sharable.
  • Reach: This metric tells you how many people have seen your content.
  • Page Likes: This metric helps you understand new users coming to your page and the growth you have over time.

There you have it, some information to help you handle your social media pages in 2019!