4 Businesses Doing Google Maps Right in Boone

Google Maps is a pivotal for organic search. Locals use it to find your location, phone number, menu, reviews, and pictures. Aside from having an accurate address, phone number, and website, the below Boone businesses are taking it a step further to boost their listing.

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Here’s who they are and how they do it:

The Beacon

The Beacon is a new market, butcher, and restaurant in town. Eat inside and taste original cocktails, charcuterie boards, handmade dressings, slow-roasted meats, fermented vegetables, marinated olives, and much more. They offer catering for your next event as well.

What they’re doing right

This establishment responds to reviews — positive and negative — on their feed. This shows their customers that they care, and encourages more reviews!

Beacon review 1

Beacon review 2

Come Back Shack

Come Back Shack is a fast food lunch or dinner joint serving custom burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, and milkshakes. They’ll make your burger just the way you like it. Come Back Shack may be one of the the most loved restaurants in Boone.

What they’re doing right

They have a detailed description of their products and services with a link to their menu. People use Google Maps to seek information — hours, website, directions, phone number, or reviews — and Come Back Shack makes it easy for them to find what they’re looking for.

come back shack GMB 1
come back shack GMB 2
come back shack GMB 3

Mystery Hill

Mystery Hill is a site featuring three museums, gem mining, artifacts, exhibits, and axe throwing. Residents and tourists alike enjoy weekend events and attractions at this fun spot of 321.

What they’re doing right

Mystery Hill published posts on their Google Maps listing almost every week. These postings are updates, offers, videos, and images that promote events or generate sales.

Mystery Hill GMB 1
Mystery Hill GMB 2
Mystery Hill GMB 3

Hatchet Coffee

Hatchet Coffee is a coffee roaster with a place to sip and chill lounge. The atmosphere is laidback, studious, and original. Take delight in a mocha coffee, nitro, steeped tea, or a local backed good.

What they’re doing right

Hatchet Coffee uploaded their own pictures of the product and space. Guest images are helpful, but professional images show off their coffee in the best way possible.

Hatchet Coffee GMB 1

Hatchet Coffee GMB 2

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