9 Things That Will Kill Your Motivation When Working From Home

If you’re like many employees (me included) across America, you are working from home. It’s not the easiest to wake up early, drink coffee, and work like you normally would, but all at home.

You may be one of the few that are highly motivated to get work done while sitting at the kitchen table, but if you’re like most (and me), you may lack motivation from day to day.

Here are 9 things that will kill your motivation while working from home:

1. You sleep in late

It’s 15 minutes before it’s time to clock in for work, and you’re rubbing your eyes because you just woke up. It’s really hard to get the motivation to work when you haven’t had any “me time” before you punch into work.

TIP: Try to set the alarm an hour before you wake up to give you a couple of snoozes and time with coffee before you start your day.

2. You’re dehydrated

Drinking water is great for the brain. There are multiple reasons why it’s helpful according to this article by BrainMD:

  • Improving concentration and cognition
  • Helping to balance your mood and emotions
  • Maintaining memory function
  • Increasing blood flow and oxygen to your brain
  • Preventing and relieving headaches
  • Reducing stress

TIP: Try to drink at least 32 ounces of water before lunch. This will boost your metabolism and give you the benefits of the points above.

3. You get distracted easily

Chores. They may not be fun when you get home from work, but when you’re working from home, they suddenly look appealing. Unloading the dishwasher, folding laundry, or taking out the trash can get in the way of productive work.

TIP: If chores need to be done during the day, set aside a specific time during the day to do them.

4. You skip meals

Lunch at 3 p.m. isn’t particularly good for the body. Now, if you snack throughout the day and don’t necessarily take a lunch break, that’s okay. Just be sure to east something throughout the day.

TIP: Set an alarm to tell you when it’s time for lunch.

5. You skip breaks

Your brain is a muscle and needs to rest for a few moments every now and then. Give it the time it needs with a 5 minute break every hour or so. Having a set break will increase your motivation.

TIP: Set an alarm or reminder or schedule out your breaks throughout the day to.

6. You take too many “short breaks”

A few and intentional breaks are great, but too many will kill motivation. They end up taking too much of your time — pulling you away from your work. Five to 10 minutes will do the trick.

TIP: Limit yourself to 5 breaks in a day and start a timer when a break begins.

7. You lack physical activity

Physical activity moves the blood in the body and to the brain. Thus increasing focus and attention to detail. Sunshine and time outside brings life to a hard worker.

TIP: Go for a walk while on your lunch break or go for a 20 minute job after work.

8. You fail to give yourself a checklist

Writing out what you want to accomplish in a day will give you a track of what you want to complete. Even if the task takes you 30 seconds, write it out. You’ll find great satisfaction in checking it off — I know I do!

TIP: Either on paper or electronically, write out what you want to achieve in the day.

9. You work past closing time

Working past closing time will drain your motivation for work tomorrow. Stopping while on a roll is hard, but do your best to stop as close to your cutoff time as possible.

TIP: Give yourself something to look forward to when you close up for the day.

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