Top 5 favorite Google Chrome plugins

Over two years ago I did a Facebook Live video (above) talking about my top five favorite Google plugins. I go in detail about what each does and why I liked it. Here are my top five:


Keep track of your spelling or grammar mistakes with this easy-to-use plugin. After it’s installed, it will follow your typing and underline in red what’s not spelled correctly. It won’t catch everything, but for an avid typer, it’s a must. Here’s an example of how it works:

Email Hunter

For public relations and marketing people, this is a must. Quickly pull someone’s email address from a website. If you don’t find the email address you’re looking for specifically, it will give you an idea of how the addresses are formulated ({f}{last} Here’s an example from

Google Calendar

It stays in the top right corner of your screen and drops down with your current schedule. Easily add a calendar event by typing it in. Example: “Dinner with friends 7pm tomorrow.” It will be automatically added to your calendar. So easy!


Save pages to read later on any of your devices. Add tags to categorize your links. Whatever website you’re on, just click the icon and it will be saved.

Check out the Explore section of Pocket to see attention-getting articles.


(Need a OneNote account to use this one) Take a screenshot of the whole website or grab a video. It cuts the clutter so there’s less to look at — makes it easy to read. Have it automatically add to a specific Notebook to check out later.

BONUS: Google Dictionary

Find the meaning of words on your webpage. Highlight it and Google Dictionary will define it. Expand your vocabulary with this helpful tool.